Best alternatives to Google keyword planner

Sure, we are facing many difficulties in recent days while working with Google Keyword planner, the only reason being that Google now starts pushing for PPC services more.

If you are an avid user of Google Keyword tool then you must be disappointed by the Google policy which makes it harder for digital experts like us to search keywords for organic campaigns.

AdWords is Google high income generating subsidiaries and we all know that now we can use keyword tool for free but for that you required an AdWords account, which requires billing and credit card information. But there is another option for Net Banking which can relief you to give your credit card information and you can skip payments.

No doubt, Google Keyword Planner is the best Keyword Research tool, but you should also try others as well for the better and unique suggestions. So in this post, we are going to discuss some better keywords research tool, which can also help you to find out your competitors keywords.

Best alternatives of Google Keyword planners are:


 SEM Rush is a true winner although only the first 10 results are free and we can search by putting the keyword in the main box to see stats like volumes, trends and other data across ten different Google regional domains. Moreover, you can type in your site or that of a competitor to analyze the top 10 organic keywords that it ranks for.


An effective keyword research tool that offers search volumes by market for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and then links these to related worldwide search results.

SEO Book Keyword Tool is powered by data from WordTracker’s Keyword Tool. It provides a wealth of data, including everyday traffic estimates from WordTracker, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This tool also links to various other keyword tools in the industry including ones like the Google Keywords Planner.

 SEO Book Keyword Tool does not give an idea of the level of competition surrounding your keywords, and you will have to create a free account to access this keywords tool.

Bing webmaster toolbox

Bing tool pulls out data from the search engine Bing and if you type in your keyword or a phrase, you’re given a list of other related keywords, as well as a confusing little ‘trend’ graph.  Keyword suggestions in this tool are currently limited to the number 100. Moreover, if you need a full list of suggestions than you must use an alternative tool like Ubersuggest.


It is a free keyword tool that relies on other suggesting services but mainly on Google Suggest. Ubersuggest is very unique and easy to use. This research tool quickly supplies advertisers with hundreds of keyword suggestions related to the keyword or phrase that has been entered or plugged in. In terms of the huge quantity of suggestions.

Ubersuggest is becoming very popular and a favorite to marketing experts and SEO people.

It is an excellent keyword research tool for giving loads of extremely relevant keyword suggestions but the main downfall is that this tool doesn’t give you an idea of the competitiveness of a Keyword.


We all know that Google Keyword planner is the very powerful tool but sometimes the stats are not much accurate. So these are my suggestions and you should consider using them if looking for a solid start to your campaign. These tools are much cheaper and sometimes free also.

Hopefully, these tools which I mentioned in my article helps you in searching perfect keywords for your optimize campaign and make you step outside the norms.


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